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My Marketing Skill Set

CMS Experience

Lots of experiencing carrying out a social media strategy using a content management system (Sprout Social).

Content Marketing

From articles,  press releases and social media copy to photo and video content - I've done it all.

CRM Experience

Used Sugar CRM, Hubspot, and Active Campaign to create and build relationships with customers throughout the stages of the customer journey.

Data Visualization

Turned marketing metrics into visuals that were both understandable and attractive.


Operate and maintain an online Etsy shop that requires all aspect of digital marketing and operations.

Email Marketing

Led a publication of weekly e-newsletter and ran several email marketing campaigns.

Graphic Design

Used photoshop and Canva to carry out basic and complex designs for social media and web design.

Marketing Analytics

Created a list of best potential leads using various metrics in Excel as well as created a comprehensive social media analysis.


Used both on page and off page SEO to rank better in search engines and used Google Analytics to track progress.

Real Numbers

Pitched and created a launch strategy for TikTok that gained 800 followers and an engagement rate of 8.95% in three months.


Conducted an email campaign that received a 35% response rate and generated four high profile meetings.


Segmented over 1000 potential customers in Excel using telecom industry metrics to determine 5G target audience

Successfully launched a jewelry brand on Etsy that has gained a 2% conversation rate and over 80 sales in three months.


Led publication of weekly newsletter collecting industry news, and writing original content for over 7000 organization members


Designed and coordinated branded apparel for over 400 students for 2019 and 2020 faculty case competitions