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My love for marketing comes from its combination of two very important skills; analytical thinking and creativity. Blending the art of problem solving and iteration with photography, graphic design, and writing is an absolute dream come true. Although I didn't realize it until about half way through my marketing degree at the University of Ottawa, I recognize the connection now.

Always having has an entrepreneurial spark, but never fully committing, it took a pandemic for me to start my own business. It started on Etsy as a shop selling four jewelry designs and a mission to create high quality pieces that wouldn't tarnish after a few wears.

In the past year and a half, Wild Cherry Jewelry has reach over 600 sales, been featured in Chatelaine Magazine, and led to an independent store on Shopify. More than just achieving financial milestones, this journey has given me a deep understanding of growth marketing strategies. From SEO optimization and content creation to analytics and user engagement, every step has been a learning curve that I am eager to share.

My focus is now on helping SaaS Startups employ the power of growth marketing. Whether it's optimizing content, crafting compelling messaging and positioning, or growing through paid channels, my goal is to empower marketing teams and reach their goals.


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Rebecca is a born leader with outstanding work ethics. She led an entire team with diverse backgrounds and launched with them the very first Tik Tok account for the School. She was able to motivate, create processes, and deliver top quality work that exceeded all expectations.

It was a complete joy to work with her. We are lucky to have her stay part-time with us until she graduates this winter. She has made a great impact on our team, and on our school as a whole. She has a bright future leading teams into success.

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I have been lucky enough to know Rebecca for over a year and I know about her skill set.

✅ She is driven. If you want something done hire her.

✅ She was part of a COOP team that created the strategy and content for the TelferNation Tik Tok.

✅ Content Marketing, SEO, Social, whatever you need.

✅ Yes, she is a new grad but she has experience because she was part of COOP.

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- Carla De Ciccio, Content Strategist, The Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa

- Jonathan L. Simon, Director of Marketing & Communications The Telfer School of Management